Power up test

I decided to do a quick (but not too quick) power up test of one of the OSMC units this evening. I plan to try to get the robot mobile this weekend, so I'll be posting a lot of little updates. First I should mention that I picked up some nice terminals for the high current power connections on the motor controller. They're banana clip connectors from Radio Shack, kind of spendy, but they do the job nicely. These are the kind of connectors you see on some bench top power supplies where you unscrew the black or red plastic cap and there's a hole through the bolt underneath (probably describing this poorly). I still need to pick up another pair for the other controller, so I'll get some pictures this time.

IMG 1024

There it is powered up. Turns out the connector labeled "FAN" on the OSMC gets full battery voltage, which turned out to be 39.7v from my three 12v SLA batteries. I installed screw terminals at that location, as well as the 12V location. So power comes out to my voltage regulator (the smaller board with the red light in the picture above), it's a high efficiency switching power supply that converts the battery voltage to a steady 12v. It claims to be rated to no more than 40v, so these batteries are dangerously close to it's limit. Not sure what happens when it's over 40v, but I imagine I'll find out (I'll be adding fuses before the next power up) the hard way. That power supply is rated at 3amps, so I can run both boards, all 4 fans, and all the other electronics off of it, I imagine. I have another high efficiency switching power supply that will step the 12v down to 5v or 3.3v, depending on what I end up using for an MCU.

Stay tuned this weekend, there'll be more. :)

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