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I really just need a place to keep track of my day to day Arduino and other micro controller projects. 

My Android experiment

Many friends and such have asked me why I was so quick to drop my Android phone and go running back to an iPhone. There are soooo many reasons, I felt the need to do a blog post about it.

First, let me say, Android may work fine for you. Stick with it if you’ve never used an iPhone. If you have an iPhone and have always had an iPhone, read on. 

Hard Drive Musical Chairs

So I recently upgraded my server (the one this site runs on) from an old SheevaPlug running Debian Linux to a brand new Haswell Pentium running FreeBSD 10.0. I switched for a variety of reasons. Long story short, the SheevaPlug’s hardware was limiting me too much, and FreeBSD’s  awesome ZFS file system as well as it’s Jails feature.

ATTiny Capsense Light Switch Project

Hey guys.. yeah, it’s been freaking forever since I posted last. I really should post more often. Anyways, my latest project was a bit of a home improvement project. Almost a year in the making, really. I installed some LED strip lighting around the top of my living room. I happen to have a room that has some nice molding going around the room which made a perfect place to install 20 meters of white LED strip lights.I’ve got a few dead Xbox 360’s, so I grabbed the power supply from one of them. …

The interface boards

Today I will go over the interface boards for Project Pi Heater. If you're not familiar with the Pi Heater project, check the link above to jump to my last post regarding this project. With that out of the way. Let's start with the Pi Heater shield, it's the piece that goes onto the Raspberry Pi. …

Project Pi Heater Begins!

The house I live in was built in 1939. It's got a central heating system that's pretty much just as old. The old oil furnace was upgraded to electric, luckily. And it's got an electronic thermostat, but aside from that, the system remains unchanged from it's original design. There are more modern thermostats out there, that will run a preset program based on time of day/day of week. …

Project HotBox

IMG 1277

I made this for warming something at work. And I made it about as fast as I could one evening when I had very little time available to make it. It's a rough draft proof of concept prototype. With that said, it works, and it works well. I thought I'd go ahead and share it here on my blog.

Intelligent Steering Wheel

As you may have seen in previous posts, I have this fancy steering wheel on the Go-Kart. It's from a Logitech force feedback steering wheel, it was USB and was meant to be used with a computer for playing video games. One day I decided to take it apart and use it on this go-kart instead.  …

Putting the brakes on

Well the good news is that I've got new video to share with you. But the rest of this post will just be a bit of a status update. Brakes, I've finally implemented the brake pedal. The wheelchair gearbox includes an electric brake, it's pretty much a spring loaded metal plate that clamps down unless power is applied to it. …

Kartbot Lives

I'm a little bit late on posting this, had some computer issues last weekend. But I am back now. I finally wrote a simple program to run the Kartbot for some initial testing. The program will eventually evolve from this codebase, but at present, it's missing a lot, and is a rough draft to just get basic throttle functionality, not much else. …

Introducing Kart-Bot!

Yeah, so I vanished last weekend when I had promised more updates. My bad. I half lost my motivation, and half just want to take this real slow and careful to avoid shorting out these motor controllers. It's a lot of voltage, and a lot of current coming out of the batteries. I'm just trying to be very careful.

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