Wrapping up the new Carpet

If you didn't check out yesterday's post, you'll definitely want to do that before reading this one. Click the link above that says "New Carpet" with the arrow. :)

IMG 0500

Today's work started at the top. The tired old headliner had to go. This truck has an aftermarket sunroof, that was quite likely the only thing that had kept that headliner up as long as it had been. It also made removing the headliner a bit more work. But not impossible.

IMG 0502

This is the headliner backing board. It seems to be made of fiberglass insulation material that has been seriously compressed till it resembles cardboard. I'm not sure why they chose to use this material. I've done the headliner in my old Omni before, and it simply used normal hardboard. This stuff was so flimsy and frail, I'm amazed it survived the repair. In hindsight, if I had realized it was made of fiberglass, I'd have planned ahead with a can of fiberglass resin. That would have made it nice and rigid.

IMG 0503

And here it is after applying fresh headliner material. Much like the carpet, I chose to go with black material rather than maroon. It was pretty easy to apply, simply a matter of spraying the adhesive onto the back of the headliner, and the surface of the headliner board. Stick it on, and trim around the edges with some scissors. You might notice I "deleted" the dome light in the center front of the headliner. I'm going with LED strip lights on the rim around the sunroof, instead. Far brighter, and less power draw.

IMG 0504

This board makes up the back wall of the truck behind the front seats. I had already peeled off the original maroon carpet. It was in perfectly good condition, but I wanted the carpet on it to match the floor. The board itself wasn't in that great of shape, but it was some kind of cardboard that wasn't corrugated, and wasn't hardboard. Something between the two. So I decided to just reuse it, despite it being a bit warped. This carpet go glued on, just like the headliner.


Here it is, installed. As you can see, I'd also reassembled the rest of the rear panels. I hadn't had that rear shelf installed in nearly a year, it was nice to finally reinstall it. Everything fit just fine, even with the sound deadener I had installed.

IMG 0506

It's hard to get a good shot of the black roof when the sun is out. But here's a shot of it after reinstalling. Really helps to have a helper when installing the headliner, two if you can get them.

IMG 0509

IMG 0510

Here are a couple shots of the interior just before putting the seats back in. I've really got to replace that tired old steering wheel next.

IMG 0513

And the final shot. Everything back together. I need to steam clean the fabric in the front seats. You can kind of see the rusty frame rail of the driver's front seat. I really should have painted those while I had them out. I'll be pulling them back out soon and doing that. I installed the dash to floor center console in the middle. The rest of the center console is still a work in progress. I started on it last summer, but stopped after the trans exploded. It's time to get back on that. You can also see I got the kick panels and threshold plates installed. That's noteworthy to me, simply because they had already been removed when I bought the truck. So this is the first time the truck has been truly fully assembled (well, I guess it won't be until I finish that center console).

All in all, I think the black works well with the maroon interior. I'd still like to replace the maroon carpet on the door panels.

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