Better looking engine bay

I took the truck to a local car show last summer, entered it in the FWD class. It was well received by the crowd, and while I was one of only two that even dared open the hood, I only managed to get second place in the FWD class. So I decided to clean up the looks in the engine bay.


There’s a couple pictures of it.  You can’t really see the engine bay from the picture above, but you can almost make out the crusty old valve cover peeking out. 

old engine bay

So yeah, there’s the engine bay. And that’s after I did a ton of scrubbing to get all the grease off the painted surfaces and just generally clean it all up as good as it could be cleaned. Note the flaking paint on the valve cover, the bare unpainted intake that’s a bit stained as well.


Bam! There we go. It’s a sea of red, and it’s powder coated! I had a wrinkle texture red powder coat put on the intake and the valve cover. I think this will really give it that last little pop it needed at the car show. I’ve also got an air dam/chin that was optional from the dealer that’ll be going on the front of the truck before the show. 

collector plates

And on that note, the front of the truck no longer has a license plate. The truck is now officially 30 years old, I picked up a “Collector Vehicle” plate for it. Only required on the back. Puts all kinds of limitations on what I can use the truck for (like, I can’t use it AS a truck anymore), but there’s no mileage limit, so if I were to want to trek across the country to car shows in this thing, I could. And I can drive it for testing/tuning as well. Saves me having to buy tabs for it every spring, only to drive it a couple months out of the summer. Two years with these and I’ll already be saving money on tabs.

improved ic1
improved ic2

So that’s an intercooler I’ve had laying around in my garage longer than I’ve had this truck. Got it from a friend, he’d used it on a turbo van. I’m not sure where it started life, but it looks like two small stock intercoolers welded together in the middle. One person guessed it was a Ford Probe intercooler. The inlet/outlet pipes were certainly small enough for me to believe that. I had another friend of mine that TIG welds aluminum remove and cap off the original inlet/outlets, and then weld in these nice big 2.5” pipes that I had left over from an old intercooler piping kit. Turned out great, and should reach around my radiator quite nicely. I’m not sure if I’ll install that this summer or not. I’d like to, but I’d also like to focus on making the truck look as best as it can for the shows this summer.

Oh, and next winter.. The seats are getting redone. I’ve been watching a lot of Fast & Loud. I’m going to drop the front seats off at an upholstery shop and let them work their magic with them, as seen on TV. ;)

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