I guess I forgot to update this blog with a final post, stating that I sold the car. It's been a year since I sold it, at this point. Why did I sell it? I was tired of pouring money into it. I've got kids and a family now, two things that I didn't have when I first received this car (can't say bought, as I got it free). It was fun, and I learned a heck of a lot from it. I'd like to say I hope it inspired some people, showed just how easy most of this stuff is. The blog will, of course, stay up for all to reference in the future.

I haven't fully left the TurboDodge world. I took the money I got from the sale of the Omni, and picked up a Dodge Rampage. I needed a truck, so I went with one that I'd be intimately familiar with. The truck should have gotten it's own blog, as it has been on heck of an adventure in itself. I'll leave you with a picture of the truck.. :)

tinted truck

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